How does Facebook advertising work and what does it cost?

Facebook. It’s a term that’s becoming more and more common in today’s Internet savvy society, but little thought is given to advertising on this colossal social media site. We check profiles, pictures and statuses almost everyday, but what about the ads that appear throughout the site – have you noticed them? Have you clicked on them?

The structures of Facebook advertising

The reality is that Facebook advertising, whilst not reaching the same heights as search engine advertising, is growing at a steady rate, and now is a perfect chance for your business to get on board. Facebook advertising is split into two types – premium and marketplace. Marketplace being the more common of the two and scatters your business’ ads throughout the site in the areas you are targetting. Ads can be set up in PPC or per thousand impression cost structures, and are ranked on bid, ad quality and past performance. They can be scheduled for specific periods and split-testing is also available to help improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Facebook also offers guidelines on how to advertise and presents reports based on your ad’s performance, demographic and social metrics – something which search engine mediums don’t offer.

Costs of Facebook advertising campaigns

Similar to search engine ads, the cost of Facebook advertisements varies according to the competitiveness of the industry you are trying to target, along with a range of other factors. Billing for marketplace advertisers is often incurred on a daily basis, or upon reaching a $25 limit. Spending limits can be applied to your Facebook advertising campaign to control costs and ensure that you don’t go over budget.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, it pays not to go blindly into it alone. The team at specialise in Facebook marketing and advertising, providing you with a ready to use knowledge base that can assist your business to streamline your campaign to achieve the best results. Facebook isn’t just a social media site – it’s a platform for your business to grow it’s online presence. Contact today on 1300 650 274 to learn more.

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