Promoting your Business on Google

Internet marketing is gripping the nation, rising in popularity as more and more people turn to Search Engines for their information. The streamlined approach that searching for businesses through sites like Google has meant that users are now neglecting other consumer information sources, like the Yellow or White Pages, and relying on the Internet to find them the most relevant service for their needs.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are around 10.4 million Internet subscribers in Australia. 95% of this number use Google to handle their search queries, making it the clear Search Engine of choice when it comes to Internet marketing strategies. That’s just under 10 million people using Google to locate information, products and services on a daily basis – a potential goldmine for businesses looking to expand their customer base.

85% of Google users don’t go past the 1st page

Getting found on Google isn’t as simple as registering your website and hoping for the best. There are hundreds of companies competing for the upper positions in any given industry, largely because the top 3 positions on Google are proven to get the most attention. In fact, around 42% of users will click on the site that is ranked 1st for any given search query, and 85% of searchers won’t even click onto the second page. This makes positioning your business high up in the rankings a very important aspect of Search Engine Marketing, something which the team at can assist with. are Australia’s leading Search Engine Marketing company, providing hundreds of clients with quality traffic and rankings for their industry related searches. You too can benefit from our expert services and start being found by a completely new audience on Google, simply by calling 1300 650 274. Get found on Google today with

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