How Do I Get My Google Map to Rank?

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Google Maps is a useful and convenient tool that allows users to get useful business information very quickly. I like to call Google Maps an interactive directory that’s great for all sorts of queries, from finding the nearest ATM on your mobile phone to searching for the next end of year party venue from your work computer (might need to go test them out while you’re at it).

So you own a business – and you want to be seen by people searching for your products and services. Just how do you get your listing on Google maps up there, standing out from the crowd?

Create or claim yourself

Firstly, create or claim your listing! Go to the Google Local Business Center and sign in or create your Google account to start. While creating your listing, think of how you would describe your business to a customer. Fill it out as completely as possible and upload some pretty pictures. Verify your listing by phone or postcard and then your listing will be published. Google now trusts your listing much more than all those unverified listings, bringing you ahead considerably!


Google draws data from online citations like Get your business showing on as many citations as you can. The more Google sees your presence, the more it realises you exist!

Remember to use the same details on your citations as are found on your map listing and website! You don’t want to confuse Google and waste your efforts. In this case, a standardised business name, phone number and address are worth their weight in gold! The difference between 1/20 Urban Street and unit 1, 20 Urban St to Google can be phenomenal. Choose a standard and stick to it!

Get Your Website Local Friendly

Your website needs to tell people exactly who you are and what you do. Sounds like common sense, but in fact it’s common to find just the opposite. What hope does a robot have if an intelligent human can’t figure out what you’re on about?

Mentioning your standardised business name and address on your website is a great start. Also make mention of the area you service. Some companies have a web page dedicated to a specific location. This page is the page your Google map should link to. On this page, mention your products or services and the location they are found in.

ATMs in New York

ATM anyone?

Do Good Business

So we’ve done all this hard work – now what? Building a loyal following and a respected brand requires one simple key. Focus on making your customers happy! Along with open communication, you will soon be receiving return business and free word of mouth marketing.

A customer may just happen to leave a positive review on your Google map listing. Not only does this help with ranking, anyone coming across your map will immediately be more inclined to place more trust in your business.

The vast majority of cases will see good results by the time they reach this stage. Remember to keep your website and map listing fresh. But what if your map is still not ranking? Double check that you have truly standardised your business name, address and phone number. Check that your listing covers the areas your business really covers. Still no go? Perhaps enlist the help of a professional for some further assistance.

Next time you’re out on the town searching for a nearby bar or ATM, remember the work that’s gone into making this information available to you. Your business can leverage this avenue of information for its own advantage; hardly any outlay is required!

About the author

Trent Felter has a varied background in business and technology. Online marketing and optimisation is just one of his passions in the industry; utilising available tools and furthering new ideas to give businesses that extra edge.


  • Posted December 5, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    Thanks Trent, as a new small business owner who takes care of my own SEO this confirms my thoughts for the coming year.

    One quick question, would you happen to know why reviews may not be showing up on our Google + local page?

    Also, (so maybe I lied about the one question) I read somewhere that listing yourself in too many directories can now have a negative effect on your SEO (since panda/penguin), I am skeptical of this comment as I believed the directory listings to be good citations, what is your view?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Trent Felter
      Posted December 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      Hi Richard,

      Some great questions!

      Firstly, there has been a lot of issues with reviews not showing up on Google+ at the moment. Particularly their spam filters. It’s seems Google isn’t trusting anyone at the moment! When placing reviews, the user needs to make it public, otherwise it will only be shown to their circles. Still acquire reviews; once in the cloud, they may appear in the future!

      As for citations – when you come across a directory, discern if its primary purpose is for humans or crawlers. Directories built for the sake of SEO have long had little impact, and are at risk of penalty, especially as Google gets smarter! Directories with good authority and aimed at the user are definitely still a go – not just for Google’s sake, but because it’s another avenue for potential leads! That’s my philosophy as Google is slowly becoming more human-like in its evaluation of websites.

      Hope that helps,

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