social numbers

Social Numbers Reviewed by Search Marketing/

As the biggest social media network out there, Facebook demands a fair bit of attention. The social media giant has not been challenged since it’s rise to the top, despite… Read More »


CTA Button Optimizer Review by Searchmarketing/

CTA Button Optimizer Review. Sometimes it’s the simplest tools that give us the most satisfaction. After all, simple is great! Button Optimizer is a website where you can create a… Read More »

online reputation management

How Small Business can Improve their Online Reputation

In present times, digital communication has occupied an important role. So, whether it is a small business or a large company the brand and reputation depends upon what is said… Read More »

the potential of remarketing

What is Google Remarketing and How Can You Make the Most of It?

Have you ever visited a website, and then moved on to another website, only to realise that there’s a lot of ads from the original website? This isn’t a glitch;… Read More »

google places help

Google Places Help with Search Marketing

As a part of a new initiative to help local business owners, on the 21st of this month till the 23rd, Search Marketing will be holding it’s first ever interactive Google places… Read More »

YouTube for SEO

How to use SEO in YouTube marketing

Are you struggling to get traffic to your business website or are you simply looking for new ways to draw in more visitors than what you currently have? Either way,… Read More »

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landing page

How much content should your landing page have?

How to decide how much content should be on your landing page There are two basic forms of landing page – long form and short form. And you will often find that there are two groups of marketers champion one over the other as the more effective. People will stick to what they find effective,… Read More »

google authorship

Google authorship demystified

To the SEO consultant, the topic of authorship is probably easy to understand and implement. But too often, I run into bloggers, technicians, entrepreneurs or copywriters at local events, and… Read More »

increase sales

Social media and mobile landing pages for increased sales and customer service

In my previous submission What is Decision Simplicity? I examined the value of decision simplicity over social media engagement, when targeting web savvy consumers and converting them into online shoppers…. Read More »

Online customer experience

The Online Customer Experience: An Amusing (Yet Accurate!) Approach

The latest ‘must-watch’ video doing the rounds online has been the hilarious (and tragically accurate) videos made by Google Analytics to show you what would happen if customers approached real… Read More »

Target 3 types of search queries

How To Target the 3 Types of Search Queries

The verb, ‘to Google,’ has managed to weasel its way into the vocabulary of just about anyone living in the 21st century. In fact, finding the answers to bewildering questions… Read More »


Words and Language to Stretch your Banner’s Full Potential

Banners are made to be clicked on. That is their purpose. But just because the only reason you pay for advertisement to be on a website is so people will… Read More »


Are You Aligned?

Do you think you have a first-class landing page? Yes? Maybe? Probably not. To be honest, your landing page is most likely contributing to the abundance of underperforming landing pages… Read More »

twitter card

How to build Twitter Card on your account ?

Twitter is one of the worlds favorite social media platform where people around the world tweet every day. However, a pitfall of Twitter is that for longer post; promoting an… Read More »

new to twitter

The latest from Twitter

New Twitter changes set to improve user experience One of the things that you can say about social media is that it’s never stagnant. The various social media sites know… Read More »