Our Top Moz Alternatives for SEO


Without a doubt, Moz stands as one of the more popular tools for SEO out there today, and has been a leader in the industry for a quite a while. Though, being such a powerful SEO tool, Moz is priced at a premium which can be a little too much to stomach for some, especially for those just starting out on their SEO journey.

When it comes to SEO, you always want to be sure you’re getting the best of the best with regards to tools and data, and that sometimes means paying a hefty premium.

If you’re looking for Moz alternatives, then we have a tonne of great recommendations for you below that are more affordable, on par with Moz pricing or even offer entirely free tiers.

A few of the Moz alternatives on our list even challenge some of the best features Moz offers, and you might even find that you’re getting a higher ROI with one of the alternate SEO tools on our list.


A Short Moz Overview

Before we get into our list below, we’ll take a quick look at what Moz offers and what you can expect from a few of the alternatives we’re suggesting.

Right off the top, Moz sits at around $99 a month for their starter plan which comes with just 5 keywords supported each day. You’ll also only find support for up to 5 campaigns too, which means you’re not getting a whole lot of bang for your buck here.

The Moz platform does come with a relatively good backlink index, however, you’re going to get a better experience on some of the other platforms on our list. When compared to tools like SEMrush, for example, Moz’s backlink experience is rather lacklustre.

For a lot of users, Moz also seems to bring up an error message when running a backlink search simply because of the lack of data, and if this is something that’s happened to you, we have a much better experience waiting for you in our alternative SEO tools below.

That out of the way, let’s have a look below at the best Moz alternatives and what you can expect to get from some other great SEO tools that are priced from $99 a month.


SEMrush — Overall Winner

As you might already know, SEMrush is one of the more feature-packed and most popular SEO tools out there, and for good reason. It offers some of the most wide-ranging solutions on the market and comes with a library of SEO data that can’t be beaten by just about any other platform on the web.

SEMrush is ideal for bloggers, marketers and just about anyone who’s looking to get a hold of their SEO and understand exactly what’s going on on their own website, as well as with competing websites.

Unlike Moz and a lot of other SEO tools, SEMrush offers insights into rival websites, ad campaigns and other activities in order to give you the data and edge you need to be more successful in your content creation and marketing.

Both Moz and SEMrush have plans that start from $99 a month, and when you compare the features and experience offered by the two, SEMrush blows Moz out of the water.

Moz does its best to be good at a few minor things, though SEMrush manages to fantastic at a whole swathe of SEO-related activities.


Our Favourite SEMrush Features

A few of the things that makes SEMrush great are the insightful reports that go above and beyond what just about all of the other SEO platforms offer.

You’ll find more information here than you’ll likely ever need, especially if you’re just starting out on a new blog, and agencies are able to make use of excellent PPC data and other metrics to better tune Google Ads campaigns to offer clients increased ROI.


Backlink Reports

One standout feature that puts SEMrush above Moz almost immediately is the detail and the speed with which backlink reports and provided. Not only does SEMrush offer a tonne of insightful data, it also compiles newly added backlinks within just days of them being added to a website. That means you’re able to quickly find the best backlinks and ‘steal’ these from rival websites.

You’re also able to see the back-linking strategies of your rivals and begin to understand how they’re implanting these links and work to manage yours better. With that under your belt, you’re able to save time and money plus reduce your risk of making costly mistakes as your rivals may have already made them — giving you the chance to avoid them.

In all, with the SEMrush back-linking tools you’re able to get a far better result from your marketing activities than on Moz — for the same starting price.


Organic Traffic Reports

Another key feature coming from SEMrush is the platform’s ability to hand over information on all of the keywords a specific website is ranking for on a search engine.

This means you’re able to see what rival websites are ranking for, make changes to your own content and essentially climb the ladder with ease, rather thank working on deciphering their content.

SEMrush currently has support for organic traffic reports in the Australian, Canadian, United Kingdom, Netherland, United States and Indian Google Search markets.

That in mind, you’re able to make use of SEMrush to improve your rankings worldwide, or simply use a local search engine metric to improve regional or localised search rankings. Ideal for smaller businesses looking to keep it local, or larger companies looking to improve clicks across the globe.


Keyword Position Tracking

SEMrush also enables users to track keywords on search engines over time and determine how well these keywords are performing and whether it might be worth changing these.

This is an ideal feature for those looking to find an avenue to climb search engine rankings when keywords become difficult to rank for, or to find.

Website Comparisons

Unlike a lot of other SEO platforms out there, SEMrush has plenty of data on just about every website you can think of and enables you to directly compare these websites side by side.

The service allows you to visually side-by-side compare up to five websites and see exactly what you’re lacking when compared to all of these rival sites.

This is a key feature for those who are having a little trouble climbing the search engine rankings, but are unsure what the primary issue is.

You’ll have plenty of insight into whether your keywords are lacking, your backlinks aren’t working or whether something else is the issue.


Special Features

On top of all the great features we liked above, SEMrush comes with a myriad of other specialised and technical features.

You’re able to see information on banner advertising from rivals as well as get insight or traffic analytics to better create content to suit your audience or to improve the time spent on your website.

SEMrush also gives you the chance to spotlight keywords and determine their difficulty and much more.

In all SEMrush is our top Moz alternative.



SERPstat — Affordable, Feature-packed

Coming in at number two, SERPstat is another of our favourite Moz alternatives down to the fact that you’re getting a stellar SEO tool for an affordable price.

One of our favourite perks of the SERPstat tool is that you’re able to find pricing for the service at just $49 and $69 depending on deals. This makes it one of the most affordable SEO-related tools out there, and when you factor in the toolset offered, it’s incredible value for money.


Our Favourite SERPstat Features

When compared to some of the larger and more well-rounded SEO tools, SERPstat can leave a little to be desired, however, for the price and the ease of use, it’s still an essential SEO tool for every marketer’s arsenal.

You’ll find plenty of essential features here like backlink analysis and keyword tracking tools which will make SEO a whole lot easier.


Backlink Analysis

When compared to SEMrush we’re happy to say that SERPstat also has a tonne of backlinks indexed, which means you’re getting essentially all of the information you need on back-linking and whether there are any issues with your site’s internal and external facing links.

There’s one issue we did find, which was the fact that you’re not able to add filters here, so finding a do-follow or a no-follow link can be a little difficult.

In all, the backlink analysis tools are still something we stand by and would recommend to our readers who are looking to gain a little insight into how their links are performing.


Keyword Research

Another great feature of SERPstat is the service’s keyword tracking tools, where you’ll be able to get a handle on which keywords rival websites are using and ranking for.

With this information you’ll be able to make changes to your content or look for avenues of opportunity in your own content and outrank other websites that don’t seem to be holding on to a keyword too tightly.

It’s good to note that although the keyword database here is a little small, it is growing at a rapid rate and won’t be too long before SERPstat and SEMrush have a comparable keyword research service.


Keyword Tracking

To end, the keyword tracking tools offered by SERPstat are average at best, though they do work in a similar way to SEMrush and Ahrefs, which we will mention below.

You’re able to essentially enter a keyword and track all of the changes in your search rankings over the course of a few days, which means you’ll be on top of any issues should your ranking slip, or should you need to attempt to rank for another keyword.

To end, this keyword tracker isn’t the best, though it isn’t bad in any way.


With the SERPstat overview out of the way, we would stand by the service for the newbie and professional marketers or those starting out on their blogging or website-creation journey.

The price is excellent and the features are all ideal for those who need a bare bones look at how their sites are performing and whether changes will need to be made.


Ahrefs — Comparable to SEMrush

Another outstanding SEO tool and a Moz alternative that may be a tonne better than Moz itself is Ahrefs. The service excels in just about every feature offered, and comes with a huge index of backlinks that will have you on top of essentially every website you can think of.

In line with the service offered by SEMrush, Ahrefs is going to be another perfect partner when it comes to SEO and getting on top of your online marketing goals with ease, which is especially important if you have clients to impress.

On Ahrefs, you’ll notice that efficiency seems to take centre stage. Of course, the incredible toolset is here as well, however, you’re going to find that the data and insights that are provided are all laid out incredibly simply and everything is essentially glanceable — saving you a tonne of time and making sure you’re able to get a lot done in no time at all.

The pricing from Ahrefs starts at just $79 a month to $99 a month depending on your location and the plan. The cost then runs through to $999 for the most comprehensive business and industry plans.

When compared to the $99 a month of Moz, this makes Ahrefs a steal.


Our Favourite Ahrefs Features

When it comes to getting things done, and getting a little more out of an SEO tool, Ahrefs is your go-to. You’re going to find everything you need here, with very little left to be desired.

Our favourite feature remains the glanceable information — which isn’t technically a feature, though when time is of the essence, we’re greatly appreciative of the Ahrefs focus on making sure all data is easily understood at a glance.


Organic Data

On par with SEMrush, the organic data you’ll find on Ahrefs is excellent and you’ll be able to take a deep look into databases of keywords that are popular in different countries. That said, if you’re looking to run campaigns or improve rankings on a location-specific basis, Ahrefs has you covered here.

You’re also going to be able to rely on the data being accurate and comprehensive given that Ahrefs has one of the largest keyword data bases out there.


The Backlink Database

As we mentioned, saving time is one of the best features of Ahrefs, and the backlink experience is where this really shines. If you’re looking to focus on backlinks, then drop everything and sign up to Ahrefs.

The service has the biggest backlink database and is routinely updated and will give you plenty of automated assistance when it comes to finding broken links, errors and essentially guiding you into the right direction when it’s time to improve your backlinks.

You will even notice that you backlinks appear within just a day or two of them being added to your website, showing off the power and reliability of Ahrefs data.

To compare, Moz can take weeks and often months to index some of the backlinks added to a website.


Content Explorer

Somewhat of a special feature, the content explorer option here is like BuzzSumo on steroids, and we’re happy to say that it really does help you take your content to the next level.

You’ll be right on top of viral content but also be able to see all of the insights that made it viral and be able to capitalise on this for your next post. That in mind, if you’re interested in riding the popularity waves and getting more clicks and build a large audience who will be returning to your website, then the content explorer is something you can’s miss out on.

To end, you can even use the content explorer as an idea machine for when it comes to thinking up an idea for your website’s blog.


Outgoing Links

When it comes time to look for links and check over all of your internal and external links, this is the biggest time saver out there.

There’s no need to manually check broken links when Ahrefs does all of this for you, and we’re happy to say that you can typically save tens of hours per month just by doing all of this through Ahrefs. You’ll immediately be shown a glanceable insight of all the broken links on your website and be able to adjust those immediately.

You can even rely on Ahrefs to collect and showcase all the data that these links link to so you’re able to confirm that they’re correctly linked to the sites or data that you’d intended.


Keyword Tracking

A rather simple tool, though an essential nonetheless is the keyword tracking tool.

You’ll be able to see how your keywords are ranking and come back for routine updates to stay on top of things. All of the data here is updated routinely too, so there’s no need to sit and wait for updates as the latest information will be front and centre — again saving you time.


Keyword Research

Our final favourite feature of Ahrefs is the keyword research features.

Again, on par with SEMrush, the Ahrefs keyword research tool is ideal for our readers who need to see data on CPC, volume and difficultly for the keywords you’re interested in ranking for.

Ahrefs may have inaccuracies in the difficulty of these keywords though, so take these with a grain of salt until there’s a definitive fix outlined by Ahrefs.


With that out of the way, we’re happy to stand by Ahrefs being another fantastic Moz alternative that costs essentially the same, but offers a whole lot more.



Majestic — Better for Backlinks

Another affordable option hitting the list of our Moz alternatives is Majestic SEO.

The service does come with a plan from $50 a month and that’s fantastic value if you ask us, given that the tools, features and data index is comparable to the bigger players like Ahrefs and SEMrush. You’re essentially getting access to top notch data at a more affordable price.

It’s good to note though, that Majestic SEO doesn’t come with an ultra-high-end feature set or experience like SEMrush or Ahrefs, though for beginners and those looking to get just the right amount of SEO insight, it will do the job just fine.

There are also higher pricing tiers for those who need to unlock a more wide-ranging feature set for either clients or their own personal blogs and websites.


Our Favourite Majestic SEO Features

As we mentioned above, Majestic does come with some great features and an incredible index, though, you’ll find that the tool set can be a little lacklustre when compared to the bigger names out there.

In all though, we’re still standing by Majestic as being a great alternative to Moz even without the pricing structure factored in.


Topical Backlink Insights

To kick things off, Majestic offers an incredible tool that most other platforms don’t — and that’s the Topical Insights feature which gives you the chance to see how relevant your backlinks are.

In today’s trend-based web, it’s imperative to ensure all of your website content is on trend and actually relevant to the people who are reading it, which means you need to be exceedingly pedantic about your backlinks.

Not only is this important for SEO rankings, but also to expand an audience and get more clicks through to your website.

The service operates a ‘Trust and Citation’ metric to make this feature work, which essentially works to ensure you’re adding the best and most topically relevant backlinks to your web pages, which will improve SEO and ideally audience retention too.


Site Explorer

As we mentioned, the backlink data on Majestic SEO is incredible and the site explorer gives you the chance to input a website and pull as much backlink data from it as possible.

You’ll also be able to rely on historical information here as well, which is great for understanding the relevancy and date which backlinks and domains were added and whether these are still in use.

This will be your saving grace when it comes to looking at backlinks and expired domains if you’re intending to invest in a website.


Keyword Checker

Another essential tool that’s baked into all the SEO services on our list is the keyword checker, and we’re happy to highlight that there’s a simple interface here and plenty of data on rankings for keywords that you choose.

It may not be as well-rounded as some of the data you’ll find on SEMrush, though it’s all essential data.



Clique Hunter

To those who are on the lookout for the chance to build links, the Clique Hunter feature is where you’re able to find websites that are linked to your rivals.

This will make it a whole lot easier to identify rival website partners and work to build relationships with these sites and blogs to help undercut rivals and climb search rankings.


All that about Majestic SEO out of the way, it’s clear to see that Majestic is more of a backlink-based SEO tool. If you’re looking to better understand your backlinks and capitalise, more so than focusing on your keyword research then Majestic might be the best Moz alternative for you.


SEO Powersuite – No Subscription

To end our list of the best Moz alternatives, we have an affordable SEO tool that doesn’t require an ongoing subscription.

If you’ve taken a look online, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about SEO Powersuite, and for good reason. There’s a tonne of features in here that are designed to make SEO a breeze for you and your marketing team, and with a one-off price, it works out to be possibly one of the most affordable SEO platforms out there.

You’re able to choose from two different pricing structures here, with all features included for just $249 or a select few features for just $99.75.

That in mind, the entire suite for $249 comes with essentially all of the features you’ll find in SEMrush — which costs more than $249 per month for the mid-tier offering.


Our Favourite SEO Powersuite Features

When it comes to SEO and simplicity, we’re happy to say that the features and software integration like Rank Tracker, Link Assistant and more are all incredible here.

You’re able to get plenty of work done and find more insight than you’ll likely ever need, all in a glanceable and easy-to-understand way.


Website Auditor

Off the top, without a great website auditor you’re running the risk of your website not being optimised and prepped for a great ranking.

The SEO factors that SEO Powersuite looks at includes everything from your links, keywords and more. You’ll be able to rely on the Powersuite to find just about everything there is wrong with your website or a webpage and it will outline with you exactly what you need to fix.

As you’ll already know, doing all of this manually is a major time sink and with the Powersuite you’re getting this done a tonne easier.

We’d also like to add that for agencies, this can save a tonne of time if you’re doing SEO optimisation for a whole bunch of websites or domains. You’ll get instant feedback and be able to make changes on the fly to multiple client websites, rather than sitting and analysing issues with meta descriptions and more.


Rank Tracking

When it comes to getting a good look at your rankings and keyword information, all you’ll need to do is enter a specific URL and the keyword you’re interested in and that’s it.

On Powersuite you’ll find that the service takes care of finding the position you’re ranking and then giving you all of the information on check frequencies so you’re able to come back and look at the trend graph of where your domain, site or page is sitting — or the rank over a specified period of time.

You can also run these checks with multiple keywords too, for a number of different positions at one time, which means you’re again saving time if you’re doing this for a client or a number of clients. Getting everything done at once is ideal.

To end, you’ll also be shown keyword effectiveness here too, which is essential when it comes to finding out whether it’s time to update your keyword list.


Link Assistant

Another automated solution coming into play here is the link assistant which will make sure you’re on the way to getting your link prospect research completed with ease. You’ll also find outreach easier too.

For those of our readers who build links with guest posts, this is going to be a godsend — the service essentially finds the blogs that are most ideal for your guest posts and provides information on clicks, metrics and  more. Essentially, you’re saving a tonne of time allowing Powersuite to do the guest post research for you.


SEO Spyglass

One of the more niche-yet-excellent features of SEO Powersuite is the ability to spy on your rival’s backlinks. This is brilliant when it comes to getting the information you need to make a few changes here and there to beat out the competition when it comes to getting your links further across the web.

The backlink index is also great here too, though Ahrefs remains a lot better.

To add, the information and backlink insights are collected, vetted and displayed in a way that’s easy to understand. This means that you’re able to spot toxic links and get a better understanding of which links and potential linking opportunities are worth your time.


All that in mind, SEO Powersuite is another fantastic Moz alternative and comes with a lot of the great features you’ll find in Ahrefs and SEMrush for a far lower cost.

It’s also good to note that there is a free plan on offer here which means you’re able to try before you buy. Great for peace of mind and making sure that the platform is for you.




The Takeaway

With our comparison of all the Moz alternatives out of the way, it isn’t too hard to see that there is a lot out there when it comes to getting on top of your website’s SEO without the help of Moz — which may be a little too costly for what it offers.

We stand by SEMrush and Ahrefs as our top two subscription-based services for SEO and also suggest SEO Powersuite as our non-subscription winner.

Whether you’re an agency or just starting out in SEO, all of these platforms are relatively easy to use and will have you well on the way to crushing your search ranking and SEO goals this year.