The Best Website Traffic Checkers

If you’re the owner of a blog or anyone looking to get a little more insight into how your websites are performing, then we’re happy to say that with a website traffic checker you’re going to get just about all the information you’re looking for.

With a reliable website traffic checker, you’ll be able to find data on how your pages and links are performing, how long users are spending on your pages and whether specific keywords you’re using are garnering enough interest or not.

There are a tonne of website checkers out there, all with their own unique features and services, though it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best for you, and whether you’ll be getting a return with it.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best website traffic checkers and help you choose the best one for your own website.


SEMrush — Industry Favourite

To kick off our list, we’ll be taking a look at SEMrush.

As one of the more popular website checkers out there, you’ll find that SEMrush is one of the more simple to use platforms available for the global market, and comes with a tonne of data that will provide you with plenty of insight into how your web pages are doing. There are built-in competitor analysis features along with traffic volume data and more.

The SEMrush platform gives you the chance to analyse your website on its own, or compare it directly with competing websites to determine who has the edge and what you’ll need to change to come out on top.


A few of the best features of SEMrush include:


  • Data on Traffic by Subdomain
  • Information on Best-performing Landing Pages
  • Device-specific Traffic
  • Traffic by Country or Region
  • Data on Visitor Behaviour and Visit Time


SEMrush Summary

As one of the largest and most reputable site checkers out there, it’s easy to see that SEMrush is trustworthy and a great companion to have when it comes to succeeding in standing out on the search engines.

You’ll have plenty of data on who is seeing your content, how long users are staying, what they’re clicking on and where they came from. There’s little that SEMrush misses with regards to content and data insights and we’re happy to say that the service also includes error detection for finding those problematic web pages that may be losing you customers, clicks or preventing search engines from ranking your pages.

Near-flawless competitor analysis insights are also offered here, with SEMrush giving you a tonne of data on how you’re doing in comparison to other websites based upon the keywords you’re choosing. You’ll also be provided insights on keywords you’re not using, which might help improve your rankings.

The SEMrush platform is a paid service, however, there are trial periods offered to get you a taste of what the powerful tool can do for you.


Serpstat — Best Free Option

For those users starting out or looking for the most affordable traffic checker, the Serpstat platform has you covered.

You’re getting insights on both your own website as well as the competitors’ and are able to choose between search engines to determine rankings across the web. You’ll find enough data here to make changes to your content to improve rankings, understand where your visitors are coming from and whether specific web pages or content is holding you back.

One key point to note is that the design of the service is also incredibly easy to understand with just about everything visible in a glance. That said, beginners looking for a free traffic checker will be right at home here.


A few of the best features of Serpstat include:


  • Complete Site Overview
  • Monthly Traffic Information
  • Organic and Paid Campaign Keyword and Ranking Insights
  • CPC Insights and Organic Keyword Overviews
  • Detailed Keyword Breakdowns with Volume, Traffic, Cost and More
  • Annual Traffic and Keyword Trends
  • Detailed Breakdowns of the Leading Pages on Google
  • Competitor Breakdowns and Keyword Information


Serpstat Summary

When it comes to a free traffic checker, there’s not too much competition out there for Serpstat.

You’ll find more than enough data on the platform to figure out your traffic metrics and where users are coming from, how long they’re staying and which competitor keywords are succeeding above yours.

Like other platforms such as SEMrush, the interface on Serpstat is well-designed and easy to understand for beginners and you’ll find that everything is located in an intuitive place, making it perfect for those just starting on their website data analysis journey.

There is a $69 price for those looking to get access to all of their website data and to really dig deep into their metrics to dominate their chosen niche.

This includes access to everything from entire search data, backlink analysis along with position tracking. That in mind, Serpstat remains a lot more affordable than most other paid platforms.



SimilarWeb — Great for Localised or Region-specific Rankings

One of the website checkers that offers a simple data comparison between two websites and offers insights into global search rankings is SimilarWeb.

You’re able to make use of the platform to collect detailed insights pulled from multiple websites and take a look at how a specific website has been ranked. This comes in particularly helpful when looking to find avenues to improve or alter your rankings.

The data provided offers insight into how websites are ranked around the world or across a specific country or region – another great perk if you’re looking to target a niche rather than a wide-ranging location.

There is also ranking data provided on a specific category to give insights into what topics or ‘category’ a specific site is succeeding in ranking for.

To add, SimilarWeb’s user interface is rather unique, though it’s one of the easiest to grab glanceable information from. Relying heavily on graphics means it’s another great option for beginners.


A few of the best features of Similar Web include:


  • Insight on Website Referrals with Percentage Data
  • Search Insights with Organic and PPC Data
  • Information on Competitor Banner Ads and Advertising Insights
  • Subdomain Insights and Share of Traffic
  • Data on Audience Interests to Improve Content Creation
  • A Swathe of Competitor Insights and Detection
  • Competitor Mobile App Detection




Summary of Similar Web

Offering all of the major features of most other website traffic checkers, Similar Web ticks all the boxes for us and then some. You’ll find a user interface here that’s been curated to rely on graphics and be simple to understand no matter how in-tune or how much of a newbie you are at search engine marketing.

You’ll have access to automatic features such as competitor detection and data on the type of content that your audiences like the most, which will assist you in creating content that they’re more likely to interact with and remain interested in — great for improving unique visitor numbers.

There is also a PRO membership option here which provides more detailed insights in your data and gives you the chance to run checks on a number of websites.

You’ll find plans here from $199 through to $799 per month depending on the metrics and insights you need.


Quantcast — Ideal for Accurate Audience Data

For the website checker that delves into personal data and insights, Quantcast is going to be a winner for you.

This platform is our winner for finding metrics and actionable data on your audiences and provides enough insight to alter and enhance your content to capture the attention of your traffic and improve returning user numbers.

If you’re looking to fine tune audience experiences and interactions with your website or client websites, Quantcast may be the winner for you.

A good point to keep in mind is that Quantcast has been outlined as the ‘most accurate’ traffic checker, especially when it comes to user behaviour on specific domains.

Depending on the website you’re running checks on, you’ll be able to find everything from their gender, time spent on a specific website or web page and even their age. This is great information to have, especially if you’re looking to improve sales, clicks or advertising to your audience.

All of the insights you’ll find on this service are also offered in real-time, which means you’re getting the chance to change something on your page and immediately see what type of impact it has on the audience.

When you sign up for Quantcast it’s good to note that you will need to put up a tracking code on your website and only then will you see the data you need.


A few of the best features of Quantcast include:


  • Detailed Audience Demographics from Income, Age, Children, Race and Education
  • Data on Device Use and Popularity
  • Detailed Insights on Returning Users, Occasional’s and One-time Clicks
  • A Plethora of Shopping Data and Product Purchases per User
  • Insights into Audience Member Streaming Service Use and Media Interests
  • Employment Information and Industry Interests
  • Data on Geographic Location
  • Political Interests Information


Summary of Quantcast

When it comes to getting the most out of marketing campaign or finding out exactly who is looking at your website’s content, and what their personal interests are, Quantcast cannot be beaten.

You’re able to make use of all this data to create content, ad campaigns and even develop and sell products that are going to capture the attention of your audience members and push revenue per click higher.

You will need to have access to your own domain for these features to work, though, it is certainly worth it to invest in a domain of your own.


Alexa — Tried and True, Very Basic

As we all know, the Alexa platform has been around forever, since 1996 in fact, and is a tried and true website checker.

If you’re looking for insights into your web page’s rank, your audience locations and bounce rate, Alexa is where to go. Of course, the service isn’t as well rounded as some of the more modern and popular options on the list, though it does offer up some essential information to make getting traffic insights a breeze.

There is a paid and a free tier to choose from here, though over the past few years the free tier’s offering has declined beyond what we’d say is very useful.


A few of the best features of Alexa include:

  • The Simple Alexa Rank to Showcase Your Site’s Popularity Ranking
  • Minor Insights into Audience Locations
  • Three Basic Engagement Insights, Bounce Rate, Visit Time and Page Views
  • Light Insights in Backlinks


Summary of Alexa

In the past, Alexa was the top of the crop when it came to website data collection and traffic analysis, though SEMrush and most other competing services have taken over the market and offer a tonne more.

You can invest in a $149 plan with Alexa, though you would be a little better off spending this on a service we’ve mentioned above.

In all, Alexa does offer some basic data metrics that are great for the beginner marketer or blog writers who would like to know who is seeing their content and from where, though there isn’t too much else here that would make us recommend Alexa for all of our readers.


Traffic Estimator — Bare Bones, Simple Data

If you’re looking to grab some quick data on websites and simply take a look at whether traffic is up or down, then this the website traffic checker for you. You won’t find too much else here other than a percentage growth or drop.

It’s good to note that there are keywords offered up here, though we’d be hard pressed to say that these are actually true to what the websites are seeing. The keywords seem to be entirely made up, or incorrect.


A few of the best features of Traffic Estimator include:

A Quick Look at Traffic Growth


Summary of Traffic Estimator

This is the checker if you’re in a rush or looking for an ultra-rough and free traffic checker to grab some insights into website traffic and not too much else. It’s also a good tool to use if you’re simply interested in seeing whether someone’s traffic or user growth is growing or falling.

You’ll see if a website is shrinking or not and be able to make changes based on this, though without any hard data to go by, you’ll be taking a shot in the dark.





With all of the above said it isn’t too hard to see that you can gather a tonne of audience data and essential insights from website traffic checkers if you know which ones to choose. You’ll be able to adapt your content, alter your website and make changes to improve click throughs and even product sales.

The SEMrush platform remains one of our favourites for overall website insights and getting the most from your campaigns and understand what’s going on.

However, Quantcast is our winner for marketers looking to dig down into the data and understand exactly who is looking at their blogs and websites.

With the data collected from these checkers, you’ll be able to tailor campaigns, content and product ads exactly to who is seeing the content, improving the chances of a sale and keeping your clients happy.